My love for sculptural welding began when a dear friend thankfully pushed me into taking welding classes with her. I had no experience or knowledge, just a curiosity that it sounded interesting. While learning the mechanics of the craft, I found within the metal itself a hidden beauty and flow that I had never seen before. In a short amount of time, my sculptural welding journey has become a passion that I try to put into each piece I create.

As most artists will tell you the path to completing a piece of art is not always easy or smooth, but eventually each creation finds its way. For me, when my artwork is finished, I often find that I have learned something new about myself in the process.

Trying new ideas, techniques and stretching my imagination to new places, is what makes my art unique, award winning and thankfully, sought after. It is my greatest hope that you will continue to enjoy my work – as much as I love creating it.

Thank you for visiting Steel Point Art.